ACED Charter

1. Name

1.1. The Chinese name of the association is 旅丹华人专业人士协会

1.2. The English name of the association is Association of Chinese Experts in Denmark (ACED)

1.3. The Danish name of the association is Forening for Kinesiske Eksperter i Danmark (ForKID)

2. Registered address and contact person

2.1. The registered address of the association is the home address of a specified member of the association

2.2. The contact person of the association is the chairman of the association or a specified member of the association

-3. Objects

3.1. Any person, who has a Chinese background and high education, willing to participate in the activities, and respecting the rules and regulations of ACED may become member of the association.

3.2. Organize professional and non-professional activities

3.3. Help the members to integrate to the Danish society

3.4. Help the members to network with other Danish organizations

3.5. Help the members to get into the labor market in Denmark

3.6. Promote the relationship between Danish and Chinese agencies

3.7. Introduce the basic information about science, technology, laws and industry of Denmark to China

3.8. Introduce the basic information of science, technology, laws and industry of China to Denmark

3.9. Arrange various types of academic and non-academic lectures in collaboration with Danish and Chinese organizations

3.10. Promote Chinese culture and tradition in Denmark

4. Professional Chapters

The association can set up new professional chapters if it is necessary

5. Membership

Members should meet the following conditions

5.1. He/She is a Chinese

5.2. He/She lives in Denmark

5.3. He/She has received high education

5.4. He/She is either working in a company, university, research institute, hospital etc; or is either studying or currently receiving high education

5.5. He/She accepts the constitution of the association

5.6. The membership must be approved by the Board of the association

5.7. The board of the association can decide to approve the membership application from a non-Chinese person.

6. Contribution

6.1. All members should pay the contribution annually

6.2. The contribution is paid for the current fiscal year, which is from the 1st January to the 31st December

6.3. The amount of contribution is decided by the members at the annual general assembly

6.4. For the new members, the contribution for the first year is charged from the date when the membership starts to the end of the fiscal year

7. Termination

7.1. Membership terminates
a. Upon a member sends a written application for termination
b. Upon a member has not paid contribution by the 31st March

7.2. If a member withdraws his/her membership, the paid contribution is non-refundable

8. Charter changes

8.1. The change of charter shall be discussed and decided by the members in the annual general assembly
8.2. The change of charter requires an agreement from more than two thirds of the members presenting the annual general assembly

9. Association Closure

9.1. More than two-thirds of the members have requested the closure of the association

9.2. Agreed by the members in the annual general assembly

10. Fiscal year

10.1. The fiscal year is from the 1st January to the 1st January of the next year

11. Annual general assembly

11.1. Shall be held once a year

11.2. The agenda shall be sent out to all the members two weeks in advance

11.3. The proposals from the members should be sent to the Secretariat at least eight days before the meeting

11.4. Any member who has more than three months membership has the right to vote

11.5. Each member casts one vote only

11.6. A decision is taken by simple absolute majority of the votes

12. The agenda of the annual general assembly
12.1. Election of  examiners for the annual general assembly

12.2. Directors presents an annual report for the past fiscal year

12.3. Review the financial statements of the past fiscal year and determine the amount of contribution for the fiscal year after next fiscal year

12.4. Discuss the subjects raised by the members

12.5. Election of the director, vice-chairman and chairman of the committee for the next fiscal year

12.6. Other issues

13. Interim general meeting

13.1. The interim general meeting shall be held when,
a. The Secretariat at any time calls for an interim general meeting
b. More than half of members have submitted a written request to the Secretariat

13.2. An interim general meeting shall be held within one month after the request has been received

13.3. The notice and agenda of the interim general meeting should be sent according to the rule of the annual general assembly

14. Committee
14.1. The Committee is responsible for managing and running the association

14.2. The Committee is composed of a chairman, one up to four vice-chairmen, a number of directors.

14.3. Chairman, deputy chairman, directors are elected by all members presenting in the general annual assembly. Candidates need get at least a half of votes from members who have vote right in general annual assembly to be approved.

14.4. The number of Board members should not exceed 15% of the number of members. When the number of approved candidates is exceed the limitation, candidate who have more votes are elected. In case of equal vote happens, another vote among the candidates who have equal votes is applied.

14.5. Member can apply for alternate directors. Alternate directors are approved during general annual assembly, or approved by Committee after general annual assembly. Alternate directors are not members of Committee. Alternate directors neither have vote right in Committee, nor sign the documentation of Committee.

14.6. Candidates of Committee member should work as Committee member before or have at least half year experience as alternate director.

14.7 The chairman should be elected once a year, and can be elected up to three consecutive years

14.8. Simple majority rule is applied in Committee internal vote.

15. Validation of documentation

15.1. The documentation here is the  documentation which need signature to be valid, for example financial-related documents. Committee should approve the content of documentation before signing.

15.2. The validation of the documentation requires signatures from chairman and at least two other directors. In case chairman cannot do his/her duty, two deputy chairmen and at least two other directors can sign documentation.