About ACED

The Association of Chinese Experts in Denmark (the former name: Association of Chinese Engineers in Denmark), abbreviation ACED, was established on September 24, 2000 in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is an independent and non-profit organization for engineers and professionals, who have Chinese background, in Denmark.

With the aims of Communication, Engagement, and Development, the ACED mainly focuses on connecting Chinese professionals, by providing a social networking platform to facilitate communication among Chinese professionals and integretion with the Danish society. Meanwhile, the ACED also cooperate with other local and international organizations to start the events among Chinese professionals. For those who are studying or working in Denmark and are interested in doing better socializing in Denmark, the ACED is an ideal society to join.

Among the many exciting initiatives, the ACED arranges both professional and spare-time activities, to help its members better communicating with relevant societies, institutions, companies, and authorities in Denmark, to help its members being better aware of the development of science and technology that is taking place both in China and in Denmark, to help its members finding assistance concerning various laws and regulations.

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Vangebovej 61
2840, Holte, Denmark
Email: info@aced.dk